Diakmania School Cooperative was established in November 2009 in order that it provides a job opportunity to the students, and it offers a reliable workforce to all manufacturer and service companies.
Our school co-operative's aim is that our offered services satisfy all of our partners’ and employees’ claims.
The application areas of students work
The opportunities we offer can be the solutions for the areas listed bellow:

Semi-skilled physical jobs

  • If several of your workers wish to go on holiday (summer time) or they wish to be absent for a longer period.
  • If your business is the produces or sell seasonal goods and do not need permanent employment.
  • If you are moving, renovating, putting a territory in other, cleaning or just want to improve the look of your environment.
  • If you recive a bigger quantity of products as usual and have nobody to complete the conveyance.
  • If you don’t want to establish a position for regular tasks that can be completed in a few hours or days.

Distribution, preparation for distribution

  • If you are looking for a network with exprience to distribute Your brochure, mail or posters or casual prints.
  • If you have to address, package or deliver numerous consignments.
  • Data recording
  • If you are introducing a new system in your registering or are reorganizing it and don’t have free manpower for the recording and processing of data.
  • Market research and surveying
  • If you are curious about the market’s opinion about your products or services and want to chart them to be up-to-date.
  • If you do not have enough information for your planned investment.
  • Jobs ont he field of agriculture
  • If you are looking for labourers for seasonal employment.
  • Promotion, hostess service
  • If you would like to arrange a programme.
  • If you want to have your new product tested or tasted right at the place of sale.
  • If you would like to place an advertisment at the sale’s spot.
  • Mental, professional jobs
  • If you expect foreign guests and require an interpreter.
  • If you want to have Your correspondence translate.
  • If you are looking for a collegaue for office work for a short period of time.

The advantages of student work

1. You are not contracted with individuals, but with a co-operative that has legal personality. The employment of members does not mean any kind of obligation raised by the law of labour:

  • there is no period of notice
  • there is no lump- sum settlement
  • there is not need to reorganize Your work because of holidays
  • You can order pay only for the nececesseary amount of working hours and workers
  • You can order and only for the neccesseary amount of working hours and workers

2.You do not have to calculate with additional costs, because

  • the social insurance contribution
  • the superannuation tax
  • the health insurance contribution
  • employer contribution
  • vocational traning contribution are included in our consogner’s fee

3.You do not have bother with deductions like:

  • Personal tax deposit
  • employee’s contribution
  • superannuation tax

4.For our members we accomplish:

  • the pay-rooll accounting
  • the paymet
  • the income-certificate at the end of the year
  • and we also take upon ourselves the administrational obligations.

5. In spite of the five or six book- keeping items per worker only one bill of costs has to be entered int he books as all your students are employed by us.

6. The leaders of our company guarantee the good work by controlling the members strictly and contiuously .

7. Trought the work of our members You can get acquainted with the graduated ones of the future and could statisfy the demand for young people on your field.
Since the points written here issue from our possibilities assured by the law, in case of assignment our offers, after having unified the conception, will include all the services and advantages listed above.

Legal terms- school co-operatives as a from of company
The school co-operative has the form of a co-operative. The legal terms of its activity are determined by the act of co-operatives. Furthermore it is a special co-operative since at least 85% of its members are Hungaryan regular students of secondary or higher educational institutions.

The goal of the cooperative is to help financially the less and less supported, but the biggest group of the educational sphere by assuring casual jobs.


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